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  How old were you when you knew this was your calling and what were you going to do instead?
I, like many people, have multiple callings. We are good at so many different things, and we tend to reside in the place of the greatest comfort. When I was in my thirties, a good friend shared that people needed to hear what I had to say.
I was unsure of branching out on my own.
Honestly, I did not have enough self-confidence to believe that was a life path for me.
Achieving my Master of Science in Conflict Management allowed me to realize that I was dealing with internal conflicts which held me back from my dreams. I learned how to resolve disputes in my own life so that I could assist others through theirs. This program is truly reflective.
Strangely, I fell into the specialty of adult bullying. The more I studied adult bullying behavior. I realized how fearful adults are to take back control of their lives. I wanted to ensure that adults knew they had more options, especially women. Adult bullying amongst women is like weaponry and harmful.
I started feeling more confident when I turned 40. All the fucks I had to give were thrown out the window. I want to ensure people can better their lives, achieve their dreams and have the skills to enter the workplace knowing how to deal with office politics. My MS sharpened a lot of the skills I already had.
Btw, women transform in their 40's, and it is pure magic!
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