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   What is career coaching? What does a career coach do? Does it help people get a job and find the right career?
What is Career Coaching?
sdCoaches work with clients to inspire and motivate them to reach their maximum personal and professional capabilities. They help clients identify and define goals, create action plans to achieve those, aid in career self- discovery, and work on specific items that help secure positions such as resumes and interviewing. Coaches will help clients find solutions and will hold them accountable for the progress they make.
What is Career Development?
Career development is the proactive planning and implementation of an action pan toward identifiable career goals. It helps you achieve more than just career coaching.
Forces you to make regular self- assessments on where you are in your career.
It helps you make career choices, at least partially based on happiness and a sense of fulfillment.
It helps you find the juxtaposition of passion, life/work balance, and income.

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