Page 3 - September 2021 Issue
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 There is nothing more significant in this world than you and nothing greater in life than the things you have been tasked to do due to what you've chosen to pursue as a part of your life's journey and purpose. I believe that as human beings, we tend to overthink everything. As a result of nitpicking and self-judgment, we strive for unrealistic perfection. We rob ourselves of the love and mindful abundance that the universe is waiting to guide us to. There are endless seas of opportunities and blessings waiting to flow towards us and on our behalf in every single area of this life experience.
Today, if you are able, I would love for you to take all of the beauty and wonder-filled energy that is yours to keep and capitalize. Receive with gladness all of the seeds of greatness that are yours to sow. Keep your arms open wide and your posture tall as you greet every moment with the expectation of being whole and filled with more than you could ever think to ask for or imagine on your own. Walk in the alignment of your greatness and do all of the great things you were born ready to do!
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