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 I remember telling a friend that it felt as if five doctors had administered care to different wounds and I slowly and steadily gained healing. I felt so fortunate to get the opportunity to open up and sharemy anxieties and issues with non- judgmental, supportive and encouraging individuals who hadnothing but the best intentions for me. Even after so many years as an executive coach, I waswonderfully reminded of the power of sharing, deep questioning and planning.
Dear reader, I cite this example to bring to life the fact that your inner coach also needs a voice ofreason to build itself. Of course, you do not need five coaches. But there are times in life when ourinner coach, like a phone battery has just one bar charged and needs to power up to fully support us.
I have worked with over 500 individuals over the last 10 years, from varying backgrounds. As acoach, it is highly satisfying to observe clients have clarity of thought a-ha moments and take actionduring the coaching process but the most fulfilling part is to witness the development of their ownvoice of reason, mental fortitude and emotional resilience.
Once your inner coach is powered up, your thoughts crystallize more easily, the decision makingprocess is clearer and you will find that you have a willing and able partner and teacher within who isalways working on your behalf.
Allow yourself to initiate this process through reflection and self-management. As a practice, find aquiet corner at the start of the day where you and your inner coach have the space to consult eachother and remember to journal takeaways to refer later during the day. This is an enriching way tobegin self-empowerment and will act as a strong lead in to working with a life coach.
I wish you all the best in this journey, as I quote Mahatma Gandhi who once said“A Man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”

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