Page 22 - September 2021 Issue
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 The best option is to purchase a meditation chair that you can adjust according to your height, weight, and comfort level. The best chairs have a slight forward angle, which limits you from slumping during meditation. However, take care that the chair is not too steeply angled, as this will cause overarching. The perfect tilt should be no more than a few inches. Having an experienced person on hand to lead you through the meditation process and adjust your position is also a good idea.
A sitting device may be helpful if you are practicing Zen meditation, which needs several sitting positions. Zen meditation chairs can be made out of various materials and come in several different forms. You can choose the style that best satisfies you as long as the device allows your diaphragm to contract and expand smoothly.
Meditation is all about finding and inner peace. Opposite to popular belief, self-denial and physical discomfort reduce rather than enhances the experience. It isn't easy to open our minds and awareness when our legs are cramping under us. A meditation chair is a tool that allows us to focus on what's essential during our meditation session. With the proper accessories and surroundings, the meditation experience is sure to be a positive one.

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