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  When the first wave of the COVID Pandemic hit, I was homeschooling my eldest daughter ( unsuccessfully with my three-year-old at my feet needing constant attention), and I began to reflect on the state of mind I had invested many hours in strengthening. My friends and family were becoming more and more fearful as they plugged into the media updated on TV, radio, the internet a few times a day. Over the past two years, I learned soothing anxious thoughts and depression brought about by several factors but cemented with my young family's traumatic break-up.
I was wearing many of my comforting lounging clothes around the house as most of us are now daily! I thought about Kimonos as this sacred, beautiful garment with gorgeously tactile and luxuriating fabrics, how receiving one of these items in a beautiful box could give women permission to slow down, care for themselves in whatever form that may take, a gorgeous bath...filled with aromatic flowers from her garden, journal writing with the note card prompts we gift you within the kimono box. If this small self-care act triggers her to dream beyond whatever her current reality is presenting itself, she can hopefully feel a little stronger within herself again. I want our customers to feel we care, that as women, we are all in this together, in Kinship (I wish this were my URL, but 2020 was a bit late to secure that I went with Kiiyn).
I knew I could build a brand on a pure foundation of kindness ( why it is still a label of some form of a week attribute), integrity, and authentic love. I was repeatedly told I was too nice, too sincere, too kind to "make it, or be a success" within my fashion industry career. I'm proud to say; I would much rather feel fulfilled by building this business on this type of model than any other that would see me reach successful heights in the eyes of those who scorn me for doing so.
During the early months of the pandemic, I started to explore my local fashion industry here in South Australia. Talking with local designers and fabric suppliers, I became more determined to make everything here, with people who inject love into everything they cut and sew. I started sampling a few kimonos to hone in on the comfortability factor to wear at home as a robe. I'm launching the Kimono on a pre-sale basis with the launch of your fab magazine! So I can have my customers tell us what they want in terms of colors, print options, and fabrication types. We use recycled Poly, Silks, Rayon blends, and silky charmeuse to pamper our ladies with!
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