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 What else do you want to share?
Today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow. Every day reflect on who you are, and your goal to become yourself will come together. There is no prescribed path for you.
As I reflect on my life, and I know statistically that I am NOT supposed to be where I am at in life right now. I was a teenage mother, and I had family and friends who wrote me off, spoke ill over me, and felt that I would be a failure in life. As an adult woman, I reflect on the level of emotional violence that adults put upon me as a child coming into her own because of a mistake. Still, at times, I am in disbelief. Why in a time of crisis would adults choose not an uplifting path?
Because of that experience, I understand and choose to work with people. I know when people become scared and are fearful of the unknown, they need assistance. I want people to know that someone is in partnership to assist them along this journey called life.
It can be in the form of one question that has someone stumped to a lifestyle (personal or business) redesign that is multilayered to create the life one wants.
I am grateful to everyone who believed in me at every stage of my life to assist me in my achievements of today. The road was winding, and at times harmful and challenging. However, I embrace it all and honor every experience. This allows me to share with clients how they can achieve their dreams as well.
I believe people need three things to get started on the path of a happy, healthy whole.
Be reflective about every decision and experience you have made about your life.
Be honest about the good, the bad, and the ugly of your choices.
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